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Startup Engineering III: From Idea to Business

This is the home page for the course "Startup Engineering III" in the summer term 2018. General information on this course can be found here.



"Startup Engineering III: From Idea to Business" is a new course and replace the course: "Startup Engineering III: Planning Your Startup" that was offered in the summer term 2017.

Individual Coachings:




Preliminary semester plan for the summer term 2018:

Lectures / Exercises:
Schedule (tentative):

Within the course, the following dates are planned (L: Lecture; E: Exercise and P: Presentation):



15:00 - 17:00

17:00 - 19:00

01 (KW13)  04.04. L-01a: Introduction L-01b: The Lean Startup
02 (KW14) 11.04. E-01: Startup Idea 
03 (KW15) 18.04. L-02: Plausibility Check I
04 (KW16) 25.04. L-03: Plausibility Check II   
05 (KW17) 02.05. P-01: Presentation Plausibility Check 
06 (KW18) 09.05. L-04: Potential I  
07 (KW19) 16.05. L-05: Potential II  
08 (KW20) 23.05. L-06: Potential III  
09 (KW21) 30.05. Tag der Lehre
10 (KW22) 06.06. P-02: Presentation Potential
11 (KW23) 13.06. L-07: Validation I  
12 (KW24) 20.06. L-08: Validation II  
13 (KW26) 27.06. L-09: Validation III  
14 (KW27) 04.07. P-03: Pitch including Plausibility Check, Potential and Validation

Within the course, the following dates of submission are planned (B: Blog):

Name Date
B-01: Plausibility Check I: Deutsch / English 23.04. / 09:00
B-02: Plausibility Check II: Deutsch / English / Template 30.05. / 09:00
B-03: Presentation Plausibility Check (B-01, B-02) 02.05. / 09:00
B-04: Potential I: Deutsch / English 14.05. / 09:00
B-05: Potential II: Deutsch / English 21.05. / 09:00
B-06: Potential III 28.05. / 09:00
B-07: Presentation Potential (B-04, B-05, B-06, B-07) 06.06. / 09:00
B-08: Validation I 18.06. / 09:00
B-09: Validation II 25.06. / 09:00
B-10: Validation III 02.07. / 09:00
B-11: Iteration (Plausibility Check / Potential / Validation) 02.07. / 09:00
B-12: Accelerator Pitch 04.07. / 09:00
B-12: Accelerator Pitch Report 31.07. / 09:00

Since submission deadlines are well known in advance, no extension of the submission date will be given.


The type of exam for this course will be a "Term Paper" (Hausarbeit), which includes oral presentations. The exam (6 CP) will consist of the following parts:


The grading of the course consists of two parts:

Accelerator Pitch Report

As part of the exam, each student needs to make a report about the accelerator pitch day. The report should contain a decision on which fictitious startups should be admitted to the accelerator. The report should be published on the VentureHackers Blog.

The detail argumentation for the decisions will be graded.

Application for an Accelerator

As part of the exam, each team needs to apply for a fictitious accelerator. As part of this application the team needs to hold a presentation during a fictitious pitch event. Each team will publish the fictitious application for the accelerator as blog article on the VentureHackers Blog.

The weekly iterations as well as the final version of the application will be graded.

Pitch Deck Template

Pitch Report Template

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