Introduction to Simulation

This is the home page for the course "Introduction to Simulation" in the winter term 2019/20. General information on this course can be found here.


  • NEW Preliminary Exam Paper NEW
  •  Exam date: Monday 03.02.2020 10:30-12:30 in HS5
  • Exam review ...
  • NOTE: The exam format will be different from previous semesters.
  • If you are interested in participating in Simulation Project 2020 you MUST attend the last lecture of ItS in the Winter term on January 31st, 11:00-13:00 in G29-307.
    It will be used for forming the teams and signup.
  • Time and place of the lecture: Friday 11:00-13:00 in G29-307
  • Times and places of the exercises: Thursday 09:00-11:00 in G10-111 and Friday 13:00-15:00 in G22A-020 - both will be in English.
  • The exercises will start after the second lecture:
    • Friday exercise class starts on 25.10.2019
    • Thursday exercise class starts on 07.11. (31.10. is a holiday)
  • NOTE: The exam will be in English, you may use a dictionary and answer in either German or English.
  • HINWEIS: Die Klausur ist auf Englisch, Wörterbücher sind erlaubt, ebenso wie Antworten auf Deutsch oder Englisch.

The user name and password required to download the course material will be anounced in the first lecture only.
You have two Semester Assignments to choose from:

Week Lecture Date Lecture Slides Exercise Date Exercise Class Slides
1 18.10. Introduction      
2 25.10. Modelling of ODEs 25.10./07.11. Introduction and Planetary Motion Getting to know AnyLogic
3 01.11. Examples of ODEs 01.11./07.11. Continuous Modeling with Boundary Conditions  
4 08.11. Solving ODEs 08.11./14.11. Continuous Modelling Excercise SIR and Infant Vaccinations
5 15.11. Discrete-Event Simulation 15.11./21.11. Events in AnyLogic Adding a Second Counter in the Bank
6 22.11. Random Variables and Random Numbers 22.11./28.11. Process Modeling Library and Attributes Glucose and Insulin
7 29.11. Input Modelling 29.11./05.12. Input Modelling / Excel File Input Data Analysis
8 06.12. Output Analysis 06.12./12.12. Output Analysis Output Analysis
9 13.12. Stochastic Petri Nets 13.12./19.12. Stochastic Petri Nets Stochastic Petri Nets
10 20.12. Agent-based Modelling and Simulation 20.12./09.01. Agent-based Modelling and Simulation Agent-based Modelling and Simulation
11 10.01. Markov Chains 10.01./16.01. DTMCs DTMCs
12 17.01. Comparing Systems 17.01./23.01. Comparing Systems  
13 24.01. Verification and Validation 24.01./30.01. Storage System  
14 31.01. Kickoff Simulation Project    

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