Principles and Practices of Scientific Work and Soft Skills

Information on the course for Summer Term 2024 will be updated here!

  • Crash Course on Scientific Work and Soft Skills for all international Master Students in English!
  • Responsible: Dr. Claudia Krull (lectures), Temitope Ibidunni Akinloye (tutorials)

Organizational Issues

  • You can now get 3CP for the course. either for DKE/Fundamentals or DigiEng/Human Factors.
  • Signup via (use your OVGU login) until 17.04.2024
    • Enter you availability via elearning for exercise slots, also until 17.04.2024
    • Elearning will also be used to handle exercises and for questions on lecture topics
  • NOTE: If you enroll after 26.04, you can still participate, however, we would then recommend postponing the course from our experience
  • Lectures will start in the second week of the semester
    • Monday 11-13 G29-336
    • conducted by Dr. Claudia Krull
  • Tutorials will start in the third week of the semester.
    • Friday 11-13 by Temitope Akinloye G29-336
    • Friday 13-15 by Atiba Ashraf G29-336

Current list of Lecture Topics

The schedule and topic information presented here is preliminary! Most recent update: 04.03.2024

The password for the material will be announced in the organizational lecture.

WeekLecture DateLecture TopicAssignmentTutorial DatesTutorial Topic
1 08.04.  no lecture
2 15.04. Organizational Information
Introduction (video)
Thesis Regulations (video)
   19.04. Exercise Introduction
Life After Masters
3 22.04. Study Skills (video)  Task 01  26.04.  
4 29.04. Self Management (video)  Task 02  03.05.  
5 06.05. Projects and Teams (video)
 Task 03  10.05.  
6 13.05. Effective Presentations  (video)
 Task 04  17.05.  Area of Interest Slides
  20.05 no lecture    24.05.  
7 27.05. Research Projects and Thesis Topics  (video)
 Task 05  31.05.  
8 03.06. Literature Research and Management (old slide set)
Mediasite: Video Link
 Task 06  07.06.  


 Scientific Writing (old slide set) (video)
(academic writing slide set by Sandro Schulze)

 Task 07  14.06.  


Writing a Thesis Proposal (old slide set)

 Task 08  21.06.  Q&A Session
11 24.06. time to work on proposal
12   time to work on proposal      
13   time to work on proposal      
14 12.07. Final Presentations      


  • Regular attendance of ALL lectures and tutorials (from the second week)
  • Completing ALL assignments
    • all assignment deadlines are Sunday 23:59, submission through git.
    • when missing the assignment deadline, you will get 2 days extension until Tuesday 23:59
    • missing more than two assignment deadlines or missing the extended deadline, will result in not being permitted for the final presentation
  • Exam type is Hausarbeit / Report, which consists of all assignments and a proposal to be handed in before the final presentation. deadline: 08.07.2024
  • The final presentation is also part of the exam and will take place at the end of the semester and/or the beginning of the examination period (current plan 12.07.)

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