How to register for PPSW in LSF?

Step 1: Find the course PPSW in LSF

  • Go to
  • Change the language to English (select British flag icon on the upper right)
  • IMPORTANT: Log in to using your university user account, which should be an up to 8-letter user name (“Login” left side of purple bar), not an email address
  • If the field next to the language flag does not say “Summer 2020”, follow the link with “Winter 2019/20” that will lead you to selection page and change to “Summer 2020”.
  • Now navigate to “Courses” >> “Course Overview”
  • In the tree that is shown in the  main window navigate to
    “Fakultät für Informatik”
    >> “Courses sorted by Degree Programmes" (Lehrveranstaltungen nach Studiengängen")
    >> “Data & Knowledge Engineering - Master (DKE;M)” >> "Fundamentals of Data Science"
    or >> “Digital Engineering Master (DigiEng;M)” >> "Human Factors"
  • Select the Course “Principles and Practices of Scientific Work”

Step 2: Register for the Course

  • Scroll down to find the section called "Dates/Times/Location: "
  • Below the lecture time: click on “apply now / cancel application” and click on the “apply” Button

Congratulations! You are now registered for the Course “Principles and Practices of Scientific Work”

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